Our Packages

Executive Package

The holistic approach at Green Roots Ayurveda tackles these hazards in its own natural way. It focuses on the impact of the mind on body, and vice versa. Carefully planned programs such as special soothing massages, Njavara Kizhi, Sirodhara, etc., works at the physical level to soothe the aching muscles and tensed nerves. At the same time, yoga, meditation and Pranayama [breathing exercises] programs calm down the Mind & bring back the natural rhythm of the mind and body.

Beauty Treatment & Bridal Package

This is a very special herbal beauty package specially designed for women, preparing them for an excellent married life; Beauty is more than skin complexion according to Ayurveda. It is the most obvious external manifestation of your overall well-being. It is a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Caring and maintaining the beauty that one is born with was one of the first body care initiatives undertaken by civilized humans. Experience the time-tested procedures, which are tailored to modern day requirements, lift you to a new level of energy, beauty & complexion.

Relaxation Package For Stress & Strain

This is a special package comprising of all the unique Ayurvedic therapies specially designed for persons working under stress & strain. The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both in a healthy, as well as the diseased person. When a healthy person undergoes this therapy series it will have a preventive, restorative and rejuvenative effect on the body. The herbal oils lubricate the body channels and loosen the toxins accumulated in the body and tribute relaxation for the body muscles & nerves.

Pain Relief / Lower Back Pain Package

The toxins / free radicals produced by the constant metabolic activities in the body can damage the body cells resulting in wear and tear of the body, which is nothing but aging. The process of aging is accelerated by improper life-style, food habits and prolonged stress and strain. Rejuvenation tones up the muscles, strengthen the system, invigorate the body and calms the mind. The medicated herbal oils used in this process improves complexion, imparts a glowing luster to the skin.

Slimming Package

According to Ayurveda, continuous indulgence in fatty food, fried items, etc., along with sedentary life-style leads to excess accumulation of body fat, which gets deposited in the numerous body channels. This condition is associated with irregular appetite, hypertension, diabetes and many other metabolic-disorders. Special programs are included in this package with the purpose to cut down this excess fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. Deep dry massage with herbal powders and pastes, Rejuvenation massage with specific oils, steam bath, etc., mobilize the accumulated fat, whereas, specially designed diet programs prevent its further accumulation. Practice of specific yoga postures is also advised to reduce body weight.